Year: 2020

The Halfblood War

My long-lost critique partner Liz Colter has published her novel from those dreamy days, and her final project is worth reading. “A sweeping story of love and war, prejudice and acceptance”: The Halfblood War lives up to its tagline. The Halfblood War rotates between many points of view: Tirren the crown prince of Thiery, Chayan

Animism and Writing II: Embedding the Past in the Present

Last post I spoke of concision: that simpler and direct language resonates better with our hunter-gatherer selves, descibed by neo-primitivists like David Abrams. It also emerged with the back-to-original-nature philosophy of Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism, influenced by Taoism. Thus concision is great in fiction: writing that connects to our natural selves is entertaining. The dynamics of

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