My Short Stories

I’ll post links to publications as they publish my stories. I also produced a handmade zine of my own work: More Than a Little

Dream Vacation in Sagittarius

Space Squid Magazine

This one after I sent it to like 20 magazines over a decade. The title is because I kept a dream journal for 10 years, and I strung a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy themed dreams together to make this, perhaps my weirdest fiction.

I like the art they came up with.

Going Hyperdown

featured in Space Jockey from Misque Press

Available on Kindle from Amazon

I haven’t seen the anthology; it includes reprints of classics and original stories, all on the theme of piloting a spacecraft.

Love Crypt Under the Comet

in the Gothic Issue of Collective Fallout

Available in pdf from

Or in print, also from

Besides my own explicit gay zombie romance, I heartily recommend “In the Key of Orfeo” in this anthology, by NT Gaubert, amoving retelling of Orpheus in BDSM culture.