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Dream Vacation in Sagittarius

I got a short story published. This one after I sent it to like 20 magazines over a decade. The title is because I kept a dream journal for 10 years, and I strung a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy themed dreams together to make this, perhaps my weirdest fiction. I like the art they

Adverb Fun in Fiction

“I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs, and I will shout it from the rooftops.” Stephen King I normally don’t post about writing craft, being mostly unpublished myself. However, for critique groups, I often share craft articles I have bookmarked for various aspects of craft, and I haven’t found any about adverbs

Occult Features of Anarchism

Occult Features of Anarchism: With Attention to the Conspriacy of Kings and the Conspiracy of the Peoples by Erica Lagalisse PM Press I mostly keep this blog and website focused on me speculative fiction. However, I wouldn’t expect to find Occult Features of Anarchism sold at Fogcon, my local progressive genre fiction convention, so maybe

The Halfblood War

My long-lost critique partner Liz Colter has published her novel from those dreamy days, and her final project is worth reading. “A sweeping story of love and war, prejudice and acceptance”: The Halfblood War lives up to its tagline. The Halfblood War rotates between many points of view: Tirren the crown prince of Thiery, Chayan

Animism and Writing II: Embedding the Past in the Present

Last post I spoke of concision: that simpler and direct language resonates better with our hunter-gatherer selves, descibed by neo-primitivists like David Abrams. It also emerged with the back-to-original-nature philosophy of Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism, influenced by Taoism. Thus concision is great in fiction: writing that connects to our natural selves is entertaining. The dynamics of

Zen, Animism and Writing. Part I: Clarity and Concision

If my title irritates you, it should. We got Zen breakfast cereal, and Zen memes of someone in a leotard on a mountaintop. No mention of how that fresh feeling comes from rigorous if not painful continuous attention to reality. This post is about actual Zen and how it relates to concise writing, based on


After my second year Fogcon has become my favorite conference. Modeled after the elder Wiscon, it’s a feminist sci-fi/fantasy/horror con. Like Wiscon, it’s not only feminist but commits to overall representation: gender, race, disability, sexuality, neuro-divergence. However, having also enjoyed Wiscon, something I like about Fogcon is it’s focus on reading and writing, where Wiscon

Time Travel, Prophecy and Free Will in Fiction

Reviewing Wings Unseen in my last post, I articulated my feelings about time travel and prophecy in speculative fiction: “Two strong themes in this novel are rarely to my liking: (1) an emphatic good and evil binary, and (2) prophecy or destiny as a plot driver … Prophecy is like time travel for me: it’s

Wings Unseen

My friend and fellow critique group member, Rebecca Gomez Farrell, has published her debut novel, Wings Unseen with Meercat Press. In the land of Lansera in a fantasy other world, three heroes must not only face but accept their destinies, despite their passions and dreams to do other stuff, in order to save their country