Vacui Magia

At the local Fogcon, I met L.S. Johnson, who I briefly worked with on my Online critique group, the first such person I’ve met face-to-face. She provided with her recently published collection of stories, Vacui Magia. I read it, and I suggest you do too. The back cover blurb starts, “Where does magic live? At

Generation Snow

Robert Wildwood has a new novel, Generation Snow, which like his previous work, combines science fiction, radical/progressive politics, and punk/artist culture. Duffy lives on Earth in a lush tropical region with frequent hurricanes, formerly known as Canada. A climate refugee from the south stops at Duffy’s robo cafe and Duffy is accused of harboring illegals

Old Science Fiction

I’ve been reading old science fiction. Not old as in classic, just old as in old. If I were looking for this stuff I’d go to sci-fi/fantasy specialty book stores, very odd independent stores, chi-chi used book stores. Occasionally I do but more likely, the pulp finds me when it’s discarded in dark alleys, on